SkillTrain is a channel within the FUGU brand platform that facilitates businesses and experts distributing their skills and knowledge to targeted communities.

SkillTrain is a full-service platform for immersive online learning centers, featuring top subject-matter experts in skill-based topics. SkillTrain is the system behind groundbreaking websites such as Gracie University, American Online Learning Center, StrongFirst SkillTrain, and more. The platform was designed from the ground up to transform the established paradigms of traditional in-person learning into a consumer-focused model where students can perfect their skills through a high-impact, interactive, professionally produced format. SkillTrain-based education offers students convenient, easy, and timely access to quality education, testing, and certification on topics they care about. It affords Subject Matter Experts a robust platform through which to deliver their proprietary content in a secure, rights-controlled fashion and provides Client Partners with a value-added channel that draws, engages, and monetizes a broad yet highly targeted audience.

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