Rener Gracie

CEO, Gracie University

Aside from the obvious benefits associated with making our curriculum available around the world on Fugu's industry leading technological platform, Gracie University's growth has had an enormous waterfall effect on the entire organization.

“ Through our Gracie Garage Affiliate Program, we have extended our brand into almost every country and with our Online Instructor Certification Program we have established over 200 Certified Training Centers around the world. The demand for live seminars has tripled and Gracie Gear sales have increased 35-40% every year over the last four years. Most importantly, customer loyalty and global brand recognition are growing at an unprecedented rate, and with the cutting-edge initiatives Fugu has in store for us, we don't plan on slowing down any time soon.”

Fabio Zonin

CEO, StrongFirst

Our partnership with FUGU allowed us to implement our offer with several high-end online resources.

“FUGU is equipped with ground-breaking equipment and software and its staff is composed of high-end professionals who always had prompt responses to our needs and was able to turn all our ideas into actual products.”

Jim Trakas

President, American Online Learning Center

Partnering with FUGU is one of the best decisions both fledgling and mature online entities make for their long term good.

“My decision to choose FUGU to start a business partnered me with an experienced and effective platform that freed me up to market my products instead of worrying about technology issues.”


Krav Maga Student, Luxembourg

I enrolled at the yellow belt module of the on-line academy and felt it a wonderful additional support to the classes I have been practicing here.

“On top of the books, the on-line academy is user friendly and a definitive help to what we learn here. ”

Suzi S.

ACT Cert Student


“ I think empowering people with this knowledge and skill is absolutely brilliant! I do not want to sit at a desk and wait to be a target. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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